15 Questions You Should Ask About Fuckbuddies

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00December 1st, 2020|adult dating, Casual Sex, Fuckbuddy|

Hooking up with like minded singles for adult fun should be just that… fun! It shouldn’t result in hassle, drama, hurt feelings or stalkers. As such, as thrilling as it is hooking up with local strangers for hot sex, you need to get to know the other person first. 15 essential questions to ask your potential fuckbuddy Here are 15 questions to ask to make sure you find a fuckbuddy that’s well suited to you… 1- What are you READ MORE ...

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Why having Regular Sex during covid-19 is a really good thing.

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00October 28th, 2020|Casual Sex, Fuckbuddy, hookups|

It looks like we will be having covid-19 restrictions in place once again. During covid-19 the restrictions that are put in place, can be such a worrying time for a lot of people, and can have a very damaging affect on our mental health. The strain of covid-19 on our mental health could come in the form of many symptoms, you may encounter. Below is a few symptoms people have in relation to covid-19 restrictions - - anxiety - READ MORE ...

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Addicted to Swinging and Genuine UK Swingers – Dont worry, you are not the only one

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00June 21st, 2020|Fuckbuddy, hookups, Sex, Uncategorized|

What was once deemed as being something that is taboo, is now a lot more common than you might think. Many people are becoming more open and willing to explore different sexual experiences that might not typically be your traditional from having sexual relations. Swinging is something though that has existed for a long time, and now in this modern day and age, it’s ok to be addicted to it! Did you know that over one million Brits enjoy READ MORE ...

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How Easy is it to Find a F Buddy that Matches My Sexual needs and Fetishes

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00June 9th, 2020|Fuckbuddy, hookups, Sex Buddy Tips|

We all have different desires and needs that are met when it comes to sex. Whether it’s those fetishes that are a little more unusual than most, or simply the desire to find an f buddy who can satisfy your need for sex without the relationship label being slapped on it. But how easy is it to find an f buddy that matches your sexual needs and fetishes? It’s Important To Know What You Like First When it comes READ MORE ...

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The Best Kept Secrets About How People are Now Having SexInTheUK Instead of Dating

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00June 2nd, 2020|dating terms, Fuckbuddy, NSA dating, Sex|

Whether you’re recently single or you’ve been on your own for some time, you shouldn’t be afraid of your needs. And you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of them! We’re animals after all. Sure, we’re animals that started wearing clothes, building skyscrapers and driving cars. But we are animals nonetheless. And when we’re feeling horny, we need no longer live in a state of frustration. In this enlightened age where technology has become such a huge part of the way READ MORE ...

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I have had successful hookup relationships

2021-06-03T17:44:36+01:00May 10th, 2020|dating terms, Fuckbuddy, General, hookups, NSA dating, Sex Buddy Tips|

A lot of my friends come to me for advice with regards to casual hook up relationships. So many people in my close circle end up tied to a girlfriend or boyfriend because they are unable to go for what they really want. Let’s face it, most of us just want to have quick and simple hookups without any strings attached. Having a normal relationship just sometimes is not enough or really not what a lot of people want READ MORE ...

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10 Advantages Of Having A Fuckbuddy Instead Of Normal Dating

2021-06-03T17:44:36+01:00May 3rd, 2020|Fuckbuddy, Sex Buddy Tips|

Sometimes all you need is a chance to relieve some stress and not worry about managing a relationship simultaneously. One way to do this is to find a way to have sex often without any ties to the person. Be glad to know there are several advantages of having a fuckbuddy, instead of a normal relationship. You are now not restricted to finding just a loving relationship, when all you want is a fuckbuddy to have casual sex. Having READ MORE ...

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2021-06-03T17:45:04+01:00November 21st, 2019|adult dating, Fuckbuddy, hookups|

DOES HAVING SEX WITH SOMEBODY FROM A HOOKUP DATING SITE MAKE ME A BAD PERSON? If you are thinking of wanting to have sex with someone, and want a regular f-buddys in your life, you may be worried in case there is something wrong with what you want and it's not normal ! But you would be very wrong, as sex dates and NSA sex is the way forward these days, and is a very common practice by lots of READ MORE ...

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Turn-On Your Girl – A Woman’s Hotspots

2021-06-03T17:45:04+01:00August 9th, 2019|adult dating, Fuckbuddy, hookups, NSA dating, Sex|

Dating is fun and sex makes it more interesting, but what creates the ultimate pleasure of having sex is the foreplay. Call it hot or address it as a validation of your abilities and an ego booster, but it is a euphoric feeling when your girl moans. Now, you might know that A-Z of online dating and giving your girl the best orgasm ever, but, do you know about the sensitive points on her body that would turn her on? READ MORE ...

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How and when to talk about sex with your fuck buddy for a better experience

2021-06-03T17:45:05+01:00January 10th, 2019|Fuckbuddy, hookups, Sex Buddy Tips|

Communication is the key to a lot of things and one amongst them being sexual intimacy. Yes! Being communicative helps you feel closer to your fuck buddy which results in a great sex. But not everyone is talkative or expressive about their sexuality, some feel shy and embarrassed to talk about what they get up to in the bedroom. Everyone is different and some really don’t feel the need to talk, but if you are somebody who’s interested READ MORE ...

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5 ways to know whether your sex partner is just a fuck buddy or more than that

2021-06-03T17:45:05+01:00December 27th, 2018|Fuckbuddy, Sex Buddy Tips|

  If you are somebody in a no-strings-attached relationship, you might sometimes wonder whether your sex partner has fallen for you. To sort this question for you, we have listed down some points that may help you solve your biggest mystery: Does she give you a call on the phone? Texting is way different from giving a phone call; while on calls you tend to open up a lot, you share less on texts. In other words, texting READ MORE ...

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