What was once deemed as being something that is taboo, is now a lot more common than you might think. Many people are becoming more open and willing to explore different sexual experiences that might not typically be your traditional from having sexual relations. Swinging is something though that has existed for a long time, and now in this modern day and age, it’s ok to be addicted to it!

Did you know that over one million Brits enjoy group sex? You’re definitely not alone when it comes to swinging. But what’s led to the rise of swinging, and how do you go about finding these swinging opportunities? Wife swapping is also something that’s risen by 50% over the last decade too.

The Allure Of Swinging

For those who’ve never swung before, the allure of swinging tends to have a mixture of responses when the subject is brought up. Some people might be totally against it, whilst others are more open. It’s important to note that everyone is different and it’s ok not to want to try swinging because it’s simply another sexual preference, fetish, whatever you want to call it.

The desire to swing is something that’s as natural as anything else when it comes to sex. But how come it’s suddenly spiked in interest and how come so many more are choosing to partake in it?

A lot of married couples find the appeal of swinging because it’s like an add-on that’s part of their relationship. It’s important that when you go into swinging, you’re still wanting and enjoying sex with your partner. When you’re swinging, it’s a way of having additional enjoyment with and without your partner, whether they involve themselves or simply watch you having fun.

It’s the allure of this swinging and perhaps the more forward-thinking society that we’ve now become that has made swinging less of a taboo and more of a normal sexual desire.

Wife Swapping

Wife swapping is something that has been around since the sixties, but it’s probably existed for some time before that, we just weren’t aware it was happening. You hear about those times back then where couples would throw their car keys into a bowl, pick one out and bed the owner.

The rise in wife swapping is likely due to being able to access sites like ours where you can find those like-minded people that are after the same things that you and your partner are after. It was likely much more difficult to be able to find those couples before, without the freedom that the internet provides.

You’ve also got a lot more celebrities who’ve openly admitted to swinging and wife-swapping, which has probably increased the appeal for us normal folk to try it. For some people, it might add that extra bit of spice that the relationships need in order to keep things fresh in the bedroom. Or it might simply question the traditions of relationships and how something like marriage has always been between two people, with no room for anything else? Wife swaps are certainly on the rise and will continue to do so in a society that’s becoming more liberal in its views.

Where To Find Genuine UK Swingers

If you’re after genuine UK swingers, then it’s worth checking out our website in order to find those couples who are into the same thing. Meeting these like-minded people will probably open a lot more opportunities to join groups that meet up regularly for swingers parties and wife swapping. Being able to have these opportunities available more openly and with more freedom is definitely a sign of change in our society.

After all, if you’re relationship between your partner is strong, and you both go into it with the right intentions, then it should be something that’s fun to do and a bonus for your relationship.

Make sure you’re looking on the right websites and that you proceed with caution wherever and whoever you meet up with. It’s important to always be careful no matter what swingers venue you attend.

Being addicted to swinging and wife swapping is certainly not seen with as much distaste as what it used to. It means that things are changing, and more people are becoming more open and fluid with their desires, both individually and as a couple.

So if you’re looking to try out swinging with your partner or wife swapping, then start doing a little digging on our website to find the right match to find the ideal person or person for you.

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