Dating is fun and sex makes it more interesting, but what creates the ultimate pleasure of having sex is the foreplay. Call it hot or address it as a validation of your abilities and an ego booster, but it is a euphoric feeling when your girl moans.

Now, you might know that A-Z of online dating and giving your girl the best orgasm ever, but, do you know about the sensitive points on her body that would turn her on? Let’s talk about some of the areas that you can experiment with to find her hottest spot, going towards the down to master the art of foreplay. After all, her hotspots are definitely going to up your bedroom game.


A quick lick, a soft seductive bite or just a soft blow of air – anything near her ear would make her squirm with excitement. Also, whisper something dirty to her while you are at it to make things more spicy and sensual.


Nibbling at her neck or just giving some light kisses has the ability to send shivers down her spine. However, make sure that you are not spending too much time there or you could leave a hickey (and that’s a complete no-no in casual adult dating).

3.Lower Lip

Kissing on lips while you are working on her other body parts is certainly going to turn the foreplay steamier but while you are at it, bite her lightly on the lower lip in between. It’s really hot if you don’t overdo it.


You definitely would know how to squeeze her breasts, but your focus should be on caressing her nipples. It’s sexy as hell and it will get you the kind of reaction you want from her. Best of all, it’s what she also wants the most.


If you like adding certain elements while having sex, then navel is your place, to begin with. Some soft stroking and light tickling would arouse her but if you want to take things up by a notch, then pour some whipped cream or chocolate over it and get licking.


Before you go down there, rub her lightly on her cunnilingus and if you don’t know the art yet, then you can ask her to guide you. Also, play a bit around her inner thighs. It will definitely make her go wet down there.

7.Lower Back

Whether you are planning to blindfold her or just caress her back a bit, make sure that you are teasing your way down on her and rub her lower back for some time. It will help you reach the climax and get orgasm quickly.

8.Behind the Knees

Most of the men don’t know this but the area behind the knees is as sensitive as the lower back in women. So, don’t just stop there at her thighs. Go down further to make her go weak in the knees and moan in pleasure.

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