Hooking up with like minded singles for adult fun should be just that… fun! It shouldn’t result in hassle, drama, hurt feelings or stalkers. As such, as thrilling as it is hooking up with local strangers for hot sex, you need to get to know the other person first.

15 essential questions to ask your potential fuckbuddy

Here are 15 questions to ask to make sure you find a fuckbuddy that’s well suited to you…

1- What are you into?

Sure, they’ll put a lot of information on their profile, but while this helps you to get the broad strokes, asking about specific kinks and fantasies can help you get to know eachother better (and get in the mood).

2- What are your limits?

Kinky sex is all about testing your boundaries and getting to know yourself sexually while you get to know the other person. But you need to know their limits to make sure that neither their feelings nor their body get hurt.

3- Are you single?

Some people may be looking for hookups who are already married or in relationships. They may love their spouses but simply not get what they need from them in the bedroom. You might not necessarily care. However, hooking up with an attached person can place limitations on when and how often you can meet with them.

4- If married, are you playing with your spouses permission?

Not all attached people using hookup sites are cheaters. There are lots of people with specific swinging and cuckolding fetishes who love to know that their partners are having hot sex with strangers. They might want to get in on the action, watch or simply know that it’s happening.

In any event, you need to know what you’re getting into.

5- How many other people are you hooking up with?

Are you looking for exclusivity in a fuckbuddy? Or are you looking for multiple friends with benefits? If someone has multiple fuckbuddies they’re unlikely to want to commit to just one person.

6- Do you play safe?

Yeah, we all know condoms suck. But the things that they protect you from are way, way worse! We advise that you always plays safe when meeting someone for sex.

7- What is a fantasy that you haven’t lived out yet?

No-strings sex should be about self-discovery and learning more about yourself on your secual journey. Why not see if you can help your fuckbuddy live out a fantasy for the first time?

8- What are your biggest turn ons?

Needless to say, you need to know someone’s turn ons if you’re going to satisfy them. From favourite scents to where they like to be licked, it can help you become a kore rewarding fuckbuddy.

9- What are your biggest turn offs?

Likewise, you also need to know their turnoffs. Otherwise you could try and initiate something that brings proceedings to an abrupt halt.

10- Do you have any kids?

We all have our MILF fantasies. But having a fuckbuddy with kids can complicate things and limit when and how often you get to see them. Again, it’s important to know and be prepared.

11- Who brings what?

Condoms, toys, lube, porn, whips, restraints butt-plugs. All can be perfect ingredients for a dirty weekend. But you need to know who’s expected to bring what. The last thing you need is for your naughty encounter to grind to a halt because you’re ill-prepared.

12- What’s your safe word?

It’s very important that your fuckbuddy feel safe with you, especially if you’ll be exploring the kinky side of sex together. They should have a safe word that they can use when they stop feeling comfortable and safe and need you to stop.

13- What are your expectations?

Some fuckbuddies end up falling in love and getting into “proper” relationships. Others have their fun and go their separate ways with no hard feelings at all. In either case, both parties need to know exactly what they’re getting into.

14- Your place or mine?

Are you able or willing to accommodate a fuckbuddy for no-strings sex? Of not, how far are you able or prepared to travel? The more you think about the logistics now, the easier it will be for you to have lots of naughty fun later.

15- What time is good for you?

Now that you know everything you need to know about your fuckbuddy. Now that you have the information to play safely and have lots of fun together. There’s only one more question to be asked… what time is good for you

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