It looks like we will be having covid-19 restrictions in place once again.

During covid-19 the restrictions that are put in place, can be such a worrying time for a lot of people, and can have a very damaging affect on our mental health.

The strain of covid-19 on our mental health could come in the form of many symptoms, you may encounter. Below is a few symptoms people have in relation to covid-19 restrictions –

– anxiety

– feeling scared and vulnerable

– isolated

– paranoid feelings

– anger and upset

– depression

So, as we look after our general health by following advice regarding washing hands etc, it is also a must, that we look after our mental health, as if not, it could lead to long term health issues.

Firstly, It is important we have as much contact with loved ones and friends, by means of telephone calls or video calling, or if permitted, meeting up in person for a coffee or a meal. It is so important to talk to others, to help with your how you feel and to talk over any problems or feelings you have. As the saying goes ‘it’s good to talk’

Another way to make you feel good, which will help with your mood, and your mental health in general, is to have …….SEX.

Sex is a very effective way to put you in a positive mood and gives you a ‘feel good factor’ due to the endorphins being released in your system.

Another positive with having sex during covid-19, is that you also have the physical attention and comfort that comes with having a connection with another person.

That is why having regular sex will help you physically and mentally, and will give you the positivity plus the strength to tackle any thing in your life, especially with regards to how the covid pandemic is affecting you.

So, Stay safe, look after your health, especially mental health by having lots of satisfying sex.

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