How We Have Gone From the Simple Photo Personals Sites to Modern Adult Dating Sites

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How We Have Gone From the Simple Photo Personals Sites to Modern Adult Dating Sites Do you ever stop to wonder how people managed to find no-strings hookups before the internet came along. Fortunately, open-minded and sexually adventurous singles have always been able to find one another. They just had to jump through a lot more hoops back then than they do today. In the age of adult sites which cater to every fantasy, fetish and niche, it’s easier READ MORE ...

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The Difference Between Adult Dating and Normal Dating

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Dating is no longer just Dating Dating these days doesn’t have to come with rules or stringent limitations. Society has become much more flexible and open minded when it comes to pursuing casual, open relationships. No matter what sexual orientation you are it is important to explore your own personal preferences rather than conforming to what you think is right. The Dating Differences There are a number of differences between adult dating and normal dating that need to be READ MORE ...

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I have had successful hookup relationships

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A lot of my friends come to me for advice with regards to casual hook up relationships. So many people in my close circle end up tied to a girlfriend or boyfriend because they are unable to go for what they really want. Let’s face it, most of us just want to have quick and simple hookups without any strings attached. Having a normal relationship just sometimes is not enough or really not what a lot of people want READ MORE ...

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