How We Have Gone From the Simple Photo Personals Sites to Modern Adult Dating Sites

Do you ever stop to wonder how people managed to find no-strings hookups before the internet came along. Fortunately, open-minded and sexually adventurous singles have always been able to find one another. They just had to jump through a lot more hoops back then than they do today. In the age of adult sites which cater to every fantasy, fetish and niche, it’s easier than ever for horny singles to find one-another for hot sex. Not only that, they can join a community of other like minded people who can discuss their fantasies and kinks without judgement.

But how did things start out? And how did we get to where we are now?

The early days: Newspapers and magazines

The phenomenon of sexually frustrated singles looking for one another in the classified sections of newspapers is almost as old as newspapers themselves. In fact, some of the earliest examples can be found in the classified ads of newspapers in the 1910s. Back then “lonely soldiers” sections were common ways for those fighting in the Great War to find *ahem* companionship with obliging ladies.

Indeed, as the 1910s rolled into the 1920s lonely hearts monthly magazines such as The Link became published. However, the magazine was forced to cease publication when it was found that men were using coded messages to arrange sexual liaisons with one another (which was illegal at the time).

Still, for generations, the only way in which open minded adults could meet up for naughty fun was by taking out ads in the classified sections of newspapers and magazines.

Let’s get digital: Computers enter the realm of dating.

For a short while in the 1980s and early ‘90s video dating services (where couples exchanged video cassettes of one another talking to the camera) became en-vogue. But for obvious reasons they didn’t really lend themselves to adult dating.

While dating sites took off in a big way in the mid ‘90s, computer dating has actually been around since the mid 1960s. Almost as long as computers themselves. In the mid 1990s, the first online dating sites emerged, matching singles with local people who shared their interests. Of course, it was only a matter of time until people realised that you could use the same algorithms to find a willing fuckbuddy in your area. In 1996, FriendFinder and its raunchy equivalent AdultFriendFinder were launched.

Photo personal ads: A step in the right direction

At the turn of the millennium, horny singles began placing ads in online directories such as Craigslist (the US equivalent of Gumtree). People displayed provocative pictures of themselves while openly and honestly describing what they were into and what they were looking for.

These photo personal ads were a step in the right direction for horny singles. Indeed, they proved so popular that Craigslist set up an “Erotic Services” section. However, this was shut down in 2010 after accusations that Craigslist was facilitating prostitution and sex trafficking.

Nonetheless, adult photo personals were here to stay. A number of sites have arisen over the years in which secually adventurous adults can find like minded people in their area for no-strings fun.

Adult Dating Apps

Of course, in the smartphone era, it’s not enough to have access to a desktop site, you also need a mobile app.

Fortunately, the adult dating industry has responded in kind with all kinds of apps dedicated to all kinds of adult dating from finding fuck buddies within your Facebook friends list (no potential for drama there or anything) to a dating app from the creator of Suicide Girls.

Where are we now?

So, where are we now?

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