The No. 1 Question Everyone Using a Sex Finder Site Should Know

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00April 27th, 2021|fuck buddy info, News, Sex Buddy Tips|

The No. 1 Question Everyone Using a Sex Finder Site Should Know About, and What the Right Answer is It’s safe to say that the internet has changed the way in which open-minded, adventurous singles get laid. No longer need they waste their precious time or money playing the dating game. No longer do they need to undergo the clumsy process of getting to know everything about one another before you get the remotest sense of what they’re like READ MORE ...

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Now is the perfect time to get a fuck buddy, as lockdown is eased

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00August 6th, 2020|News, Sex|

Now is the perfect time to get a fuck buddy, as coronavirus lockdown is eased. As the coronavirus lockdown as been eased, now is the perfect time to get yourself a fuck buddy, to make up for all the time wasted not being able to have sex with others. The lockdown as certainly made a lot of people sexually frustrated, as we were not able to go out and find sex with someone in bars and clubs, or use READ MORE ...

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Ask Me Anything- 10 Answers to Your Questions About Having a One Night Stand

2021-06-03T17:44:35+01:00July 5th, 2020|hookups, News, Sex Buddy Tips|

For many of us, a one night stand isn’t something that’s unfamiliar. A lot of us have one night stands for fun, to relieve a sexual need or desire that with have or to perhaps stumble on the love of their life. And although not all one-night stands go on to be full-blown relationships, they do happen. One night stands certainly come with their fair share of stories and experiences, so here are ten questions most commonly asked about READ MORE ...

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The Difference Between Adult Dating and Normal Dating

2021-06-03T17:44:36+01:00May 14th, 2020|adult dating, General, News|

Dating is no longer just Dating Dating these days doesn’t have to come with rules or stringent limitations. Society has become much more flexible and open minded when it comes to pursuing casual, open relationships. No matter what sexual orientation you are it is important to explore your own personal preferences rather than conforming to what you think is right. The Dating Differences There are a number of differences between adult dating and normal dating that need to be READ MORE ...

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How I Found My Perfect Fuck Buddy

2021-06-03T17:44:36+01:00April 26th, 2020|News, NSA dating, Sex|

Dating comes with so many unwritten, limiting complications these days. There are rules, commitments and underlying conditions that many of us don't want to adhere to. Sometimes all you want is a decent fuck buddy who you can get in touch with whenever its convenient for you and help you satisfy your needs. Whether you have just come out of a serious relationship, or you are feeling unsatisfied there are many ways to find your perfect fuck buddy. The READ MORE ...

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So how do you become a fuckbuddy expert or even an hook up expert

2021-06-03T17:44:36+01:00March 6th, 2020|dating terms, hookups, News, Sex Buddy Tips|

So you want to become a fuck buddy expert ? Well to become and expert you need plenty of experience so you can learn from and success you have and learn from any mistakes you make while you are in a fuck buddy dating relationship. Fuck buddy relationships are different from normal dating relationships, the main difference is that it is purely casual sex with no emotional attachment. So how can you become a fuck buddy expert. The best READ MORE ...

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Sex positions that you are likely to enjoy more according to your zodiac sign

2021-06-03T17:45:05+01:00January 16th, 2019|hookups, News|

  Sex increases life; sex is a stress buster; sex is relaxing, but to enjoy sex to the fullest it is must to do it the right way. The correct sex position plays a vital role in letting you enjoy the act to the fullest. How to know which position will work best for you? Though, there’s no definite way and it all varies from person to person, your zodiac sign can help you know your best sex READ MORE ...

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2021-06-03T17:45:05+01:00November 15th, 2018|adult dating, dating terms, Featured FuckBuddy Members, Fuckbuddy Site New Features, hookups, News, NSA dating, Sex Buddy Tips|

Most people now know and use Dating Sites as an easy and quick way to find a partner or someone to fall in love with. If you have searched dating sites or used dating sites, then you will have come across sites classed as ADULT DATING SITES. These sites are different from normal dating sites and should be used only if you are after an ADULT DATING relationship. Basically Adult dating and adult dating sites are for people wanting to READ MORE ...

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Simple Guide for Your Successful Quest for Fuck Buddy in the UK

2021-06-03T17:45:06+01:00August 27th, 2018|adult dating, hookups, News, NSA dating, Sex Buddy Tips|

The concept of fuck buddy is relatively new to the people of the UK. Majority of people in the UK often get confused “fuck buddy” with the term “friends with benefits”.  Both the terms are distinctly different to each other.  You have known “friends with benefits” for a while before getting sexually intimate with them.  Usually you do anything with “friends with benefits” that you are supposed to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend such as hanging out regularly, attending READ MORE ...

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How to Secure and Maintain No String Attached Relationship With Fuck Buddy?

2021-06-03T17:45:06+01:00August 22nd, 2018|adult dating, News, NSA dating, Sex Buddy Tips|

Many people in the UK are becoming admirer and believer in the concept of fuck buddy. Some people prefer the phrase friends with benefits while other go with fuck buddy. Whatever you call it, it usually amount to the same things, which is a sexual intimacy and pleasure between two parties without any emotional baggage or string attached. Finding an able and likeminded fuck buddy is only part of the bigger challenge most of the people in the UK face. READ MORE ...

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2021-06-03T17:45:32+01:00June 9th, 2013|Fuckbuddy Site New Features, News|

The great new series of Keith Lemons show LEMON LA VIDA LOCA returned to our screens on ITV2 this week :) On this first show Keith got his very own FUCKBUDDY ......... JODIE MARSH (mmmmm was this true lol) Anyway you can get your very LOCAL FUCK BUDDY HERE - and its free to join Join Now and get your local fuck buddy tonight THE FUCKBUDDY TEAM

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2021-06-03T17:45:32+01:00December 3rd, 2012|Fuckbuddy Site New Features, News|

Yes JOIN FUCKBUDDY.CO.UK between NOW and the END of December 2012 and you will be ENTERED into our draw to get a GOLDEN TICKET for our Fuck Buddy Members party im Feb 2013. It is in a Hotel in the UK and is limited to the number that can attend. The Penthouse Suite etc are all paid for as well as all entertainment/drinks for the night. There will be toys laid on as well. It will be very discreet and READ MORE ...

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