For many of us, a one night stand isn’t something that’s unfamiliar. A lot of us have one night stands for fun, to relieve a sexual need or desire that with have or to perhaps stumble on the love of their life. And although not all one-night stands go on to be full-blown relationships, they do happen.

One night stands certainly come with their fair share of stories and experiences, so here are ten questions most commonly asked about one night stands and the answers to them!

Where Can I Find A One Night Stand?

When it comes to finding a one-night stand, you can use dating websites and a site like ours to find someone to connect to. There’s also the old fashioned way of finding someone at a bar or nightclub.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Safe?

Safety is always important, especially as you can meet pretty much anyone on a night out or over the internet. If it’s over the internet, you want to ensure that you’ve seen them in the flesh, in a public environment when it’s your first time.

When it comes to meeting a stranger, we can very much have that gut feeling when you know something doesn’t feel right. If you’re out with friends, don’t be afraid to ask them what they think you should do.

If you’re going back to your place, make sure you tell a friend what’s happening so that they at least know where you’re going and ideally have an address.

Should You Have A One Night Stand When You’re Drunk?

A lot of one night stands will happen when you’ve had something to drink. What makes it dangerous for anyone that has a one night stand is consent.

Both parties, when having sex, should be consent and sober enough to realise what they’re doing. If the person you’re having sex with can’t even stand up on their own, you should get them home safely and get their number.

As adults, we all know the difference between right and wrong, yes and no. If someone you’re about to have sex with, suddenly says no, then you should stop, rather than force anything further.

Will A One Night Stand With A Friend Ruin The Relationship?

Having a one night stand does have the potential to ruin a relationship when it comes to having them with a friend. It depends on whether you have feelings for your friend or whether it’s simply to satisfy both of your sexual desires.

It’s probably best to have a conversation beforehand, but for the most part, it’s probably best to keep your friends as your friends unless you both wanted something more, of course!

Do You Need To Stay The Next Morning?

Not at all, unless you want to. With one night stands, it can be pretty awkward if you’re both not really interested in taking it much further than sex. If you had a good time and they’re offering you a free breakfast, then feel free to stay.

How Do I Ask Them About STDs?

Ask – always ask. Don’t be afraid to break that mood slightly by asking them if they’re clean from STDs. It’s your right to know whether they have something or not. And depending on their response, it’s your decision on whether you want to continue or not.

Should I Be Using Protection?

This follows on from the last question about STDs, and even if you’re not someone who likes using protection, you should be using some form. Protection can help prevent STDs and any unwanted pregnancies. Keeping you both safe is important!

What Position(s) Should I Do?

It’s really up to you and the person involved and what you’re both comfortable with. Sometimes one night stands can be full of passion with absolutely no awkwardness and there can be occasions where there are awkward moments.

Go with the flow and don’t forget to communicate when it comes to exploring what you enjoy with the other person.

Will I Get Ghosted By My One Night Stand?

When it comes to one night stands, they are renowned to experience where you are likely to never see that person again. So even if they say they’ll text or call you, they might simply ghost you. Expect it to happen, and you won’t be surprised if they do.

How Will I Feel After Having A One Night Stand?

Hopefully, you’ll feel good! A one night stand is meant to be exciting, so be sure to enjoy it, and if you don’t, then you’ll know what to look for in your next one.