Remember the days when it was weird just to chat online? Well now there’s a whole new scene called online dating that takes chatting to a new level. And it works.
Long gone are the days where the creepy guy in the bathrobe sits behind his computer and pretends to be a young stud with millions. Now you can actually see their face and talk to them online before having to meet them to find that out.
But what other reasons are there to try online dating?
1. You can take your time to find the one you like. No more pressure to find a date before the bar closes or party ends. You can sift through tons of profiles to find someone who meets your requirements in looks and in interests. Than if you feel like it you can send them a message or talk to them online. You can even have a video chat on some sites.
2. There’s never any pressure to get the number or to see them again. If you end up talking to them and find that they are really not your type then you just look for someone else who is. You haven’t invested face to face time with them which takes a lot of those feelings of guilt out of the equation.
3. You can look morning, noon, and night. You can even look from work if you want. No more limiting yourself to the evening to try and find that person of your dreams. Messages can be sent any time of the day without looking like a stalker.
4. It cost less money than going out to find someone. Most online dating sites charge you for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. The more months you get the cheaper it becomes per month. Even if it costs £15 to £25 a month that still works out to less than a pound a day for twenty four hour online access. Compare that to four hours at the bar and £50 worth of drinks later.
5. Your chances of finding someone go up drastically. Online dating has millions of people on it. There will always be someone in your area or close to you looking for someone like you! In a crowd of people you may pass the perfect partner without even knowing it but online you get to sift through profiles at your leisure and have more of a chance of finding that person without passing them by.
So if you’re single and looking for fun why not give a go. Even if you don’t believe me it’s still worth a try. But trust me you’ll love it