Sex increases life; sex is a stress buster; sex is relaxing, but to enjoy sex to the fullest it is must to do it the right way. The correct sex position plays a vital role in letting you enjoy the act to the fullest. How to know which position will work best for you? Though, there’s no definite way and it all varies from person to person, your zodiac sign can help you know your best sex position. And here we have listed down sex positions based on your zodiac sign:


Going by your zodiac sign, it seems that you like to rule in bed… you want to have the power under your control, so it makes sense that you would love to be in a cowgirl position. Go girl go, try this position to have helluva fun.


Shower in the sex is so your thing. Forget bed and be under the water to have a bigger orgasm than ever before. Bed is for others, for you it is the water that will do the magic.


For you and your fuck buddy to enjoy the casual sex to the peaks, you people should incorporate role play in your sex life. The more characters you play, the more intimate you’ll feel, the more you will crave for each other and hence a great sex.


Intimacy is what you prefer over other things, that’s why the spoon position is something that will give you great orgasm.


Yours is a wild streak and nothing will satisfy you more than the most popular position… the doggy style! The violent you will want to go on and on in this position and achieve the highest level of orgasm.


The conventional sex positions are not for you. For you, penetration is what matters the most and what could quench your thirst more than the mind blowing oral sex!


While it may sound surprising to others, but for Libra’s sexual activity isn’t just about the touch, they get charged up even from things like sexting and phone sex with their fuck buddies.


Scorpios want to do everything… they want to feel everything… they are hungry for sex and the only position that can give them the pleasure they are looking for is… 69 position.


Naughtiness is written all over your face and having sex in the car compliments your personality so well. It’s either the sex in the car or in a quiet place that will turn you on like anything.


You can be turned on by a mere eye contact. Okay… not by a mere a eye contact though, but surely with an intimate eye contact. So, the position that works best for you is the basic missionary position where you can look straight into the eyes of your fuck buddy during casual sex.


There’s no one position that will make you satisfied, your adventurous spirit keeps looking for more fun and therefore you should keep trying everything that you can.


No fuck buddy can give you utmost pleasure alone, you are somebody who needs something in addition like a vibrator or something similar. In short, it’s not the position that matters in your case, but also the sex toy.