Whether you’re recently single or you’ve been on your own for some time, you shouldn’t be afraid of your needs. And you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of them! We’re animals after all. Sure, we’re animals that started wearing clothes, building skyscrapers and driving cars. But we are animals nonetheless. And when we’re feeling horny, we need no longer live in a state of frustration.

In this enlightened age where technology has become such a huge part of the way we live, we don’t need to go through the slow, clumsy process of dating either. When it comes to SexInTheUK, we know what we want, and we know how to get it. But why are people turning to fuckbuddies to satisfy their needs rather than bother with conventional wisdom?

It’s time to delve into the secrets of why no-strings SexInTheUK has become so popular…

We live in a more sexually enlightened age

For generations, the only stiff thing we Brits were known for was our upper lips. We hads a frightfully immature and puritan attitude towards sex. We weren’t supposed to talk about it. We weren’t even really supposed to enjoy it.

Thankfully, the times have changed.

Men and women are a lot more comfortable talking about SexIntheUK and getting it when the mood takes us. Because more of us are willing to acknowledge, discuss and explore our sexuality, it’s easier than ever to find people who are looking for the same thing.

Technology has made things so much easier

Even after we became more sexually aware and liberated, the process of getting laid with like minded, sexually adventurous people was still very time consuming and clumsy. Finding people who were up for no-strings fun was tricky, and finding someone who shared your kinks and fetishes was nigh-on impossible. You’d have to scan through the classified pages of newspapers trying to find someone who kinda had the same interests and go through a very laborious process to have the remotest possibility of getting in touch.

Now that we all have an internet-enabled device in our back pockets, however, getting quick and easy access to hookups is much quicker and easier. We can disclose our likes, dislikes and fetishes and find someone who shares our interests in just a few clicks.

We don’t have time to play games

Let’s face it, dating is an extremely inefficient and expensive way to get laid. And one that not all of us have the time or the patience for. We’ve come to expect speed and convenience in every aspect of our lives.

Why on Earth shouldn’t we expect the same from our sex lives?

Most of us are working harder and for longer hours than ever before. Our free time is sparse and precious. Why should we resign ourselves to taking potential partners out on expensive dates only to encounter frustration at the end of it. A night at the movies, a slap up meal for two, drinks and dancing. None of these things are cheap these days.

Why hand over so much of our hard-earned money only to find that they’re either total prudes or looking for more commitment than we’re prepared to give?

Furthermore, using dating as a means to get hookups can be unkind. Why risk hurting someone’s feelings or risk them feeling used the morning after? If we’re looking for SexInTheUK, surely it’s far kinder and more efficient than to be honest about what we want?

Thankfully, in this sexually enlightened and digitally enabled age, we don’t have to waste our time playing frustrated and expensive games. Horny singles on the same sexual wavelength are just a click away.

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