Sometimes all you need is a chance to relieve some stress and not worry about managing a relationship simultaneously. One way to do this is to find a way to have sex often without any ties to the person. Be glad to know there are several advantages of having a fuckbuddy, instead of a normal relationship.

You are now not restricted to finding just a loving relationship, when all you want is a fuckbuddy to have casual sex. Having a fuckbuddy relationship is quite a normal and accepted thing to have and do now, so you dont have to feel guilty. There is actually lots of women who want this type of fuckbuddy encounter, as well as the perceived “just men” that want to have fuckbuddy sex.

Below is 10 Advantages of having a fuckbuddy, instead of a normal relationship.

1 – Happiness

The reality is that you’re going to be happy when you’re having a lot of sex. Instead of a normal relationship and all the work that comes with it, you can have a fuckbuddy who will leave you alone after you’re done.
When you enter any relationship, the end goal is to find happiness within the relationship. By having a fuckbuddy means you are able to act out your sexual fantasies and fetishes.

2 – Reduce Your Stress

Sex is also a stress reliever. You can count on a fuckbuddy to reduce your stress and anxiety instantly. While, when you’re in a relationship, your stress may increase if you tend to argue a lot or you’re not getting along.

Having no stress, regarding whether the person you are seeing is just for sex, means you will enjoy the fuckbuddy relationship more, as you will be able to be yourself and to try things you normally would not dare do.

3 – No Strings Attached

Relationships require work, dedication, and a lot of love. With a fuckbuddy, you can have all the physical pleasures without any strings attached. There’s no need to follow-up, call, or get emotionally tied to the other person.

4 – It’s on Your Schedule

You can obtain a fuckbuddy when it’s convenient for you. All you have to do is hop online and sign up. In a relationship, you may need the timing to be right or to be on the same page before having sex.

No strings attached fuckbuddy, suits many people who do not want to be in a relationship but still have sexual needs or want to experiment with fetishes etc.

5 – No Hurt Feelings

Another advantage of having a fuckbuddy, instead of a normal relationship is that there are no hurt feelings to deal with. You get what you want when you want it without putting in an effort to console the other person and engage in deep conversation. There’s no explaining yourself about why the relationship may not be working any longer.

Because you and your fuckbuddy are on the same page, then either of you can bring it to an end at anytime. People in a casual sex relationship, instinctively know he can be short ot long term, so will be a very lax situation based on just having sex.

6 – No Commitment

A relationship requires a commitment of both people and doing activities and building a life together. With a fuckbuddy, you can satisfy your needs quickly and casually. You get all the good stuff without having to consider the other person’s feelings and future needs.
People struggle with normal relationship commitments, so having a fuckbuddy is ideal for people wanting no commitment, but just want to have sex etc with someone.

7 – It’s Fun

The truth is that a relationship isn’t always fun and exciting. There are lulls and roadblocks to overcome as time goes on. Instead, you can focus on all the fun parts of your sexuality and explore your fantasies with a fuckbuddy.

No Need to Think about the Future
Thinking about and planning for the future can be stressful and overwhelming. When you engage in a fuckbuddy situation, you’re removing this annoyance and enjoying the moment. In a normal relationship, there’s a lot of planning and back and forth required.

8 – No Drama

You can guarantee there will be no drama when you have a fuckbuddy, instead of a normal relationship. You can focus on the physical aspect of being with the other person instead of the emotional portion. There will be no interference in your life and how you’re choosing to spend your time.
You can be be eased with the thought, that ending of a fuckbuddy relationship, willnot result in an irate or bad break up, unlike normal relationships that always end in a bad way.

9 – Breaking up is Irrelevant

There are no breakup situations when you have a fuckbuddy, instead of a normal relationship. When you’re done engaging with the other person, you’re done, and you don’t have to worry about being heartbroken or vice versa.
As the song goes “breaking up is hard to do” well this does not apply to being in a fuckbuddy relationship. Both parties can end whenever they want without guilt or repercussions.

So breaking up is irrelevant when you are in a fuckbuddy relationship.

10 – You can have more than one fuckbuddy.

As with a normal relationship, you have only one partner (unless you are naughty or greedy lol) and is a monogamous relationship, with strict rules applying.

But with a fuckbuddy relationship, these rules do not apply. You can have as many Fuckbuddies as you want, and have as many sexual encounters as you need.

This is another appealing situation for many people, who want to have sex with many Fuckbuddies, due to high sex drive or just the simple idea of having many partners to choose from, based on your sexual mood.

Having lots of Fuckbuddies compared to just one partner is a very appealing situation for many in this day and age.

So, If you want to find a fuckbuddy, then what is stopping you ? Nothing !