fuck buddy

fuck buddy

If you are somebody in a no-strings-attached relationship, you might sometimes wonder whether your sex partner has fallen for you. To sort this question for you, we have listed down some points that may help you solve your biggest mystery:

Does she give you a call on the phone?

Texting is way different from giving a phone call; while on calls you tend to open up a lot, you share less on texts. In other words, texting is quick and impersonal. So, if you get calls from her on a regular basis, you should get the idea that she is showing interest in you or probably looking for more than just the sexual relationship.

She wants you to meet her family

This is something really big and if your fuck buddy is introducing you to her family, get that straight into your head that she is considering you as somebody special. I repeat… SHE IS CONSIDERING YOU AS SOMEBODY SPECIAL.

Take a note of all the things that she talks to you

If she talks to you about personal stuff like her family, pets, childhood, job, etc. Dude! She is developing or has already developed feelings for you. On the other hand, if her conversations are only about how her day was and how she had been looking forward to be in bed with you, you have been moved to the booty call zone.

When are the majority of your dates?

Do you people only meet for your casual sexual encounters? Yes! Then do not commit the mistake of thinking that you are anything more than a piece of meat for her. And if you people are regular at afternoon dates, lunches or dinnertime dates (in public), it’s not just a no-strings-attached-relationship but much more than that.

How does she refer to you?

Does she call you her “boyfriend” publicly or just takes your name? How does this make a difference, you ask? Well, it does. If she takes your name, then it should be clear to you that for her you are merely her fuck buddy. And if she calls you her “boyfriend”, she surely means it.

We guess these points would have been of some help to you and you would have realised if your partner loves you or not.