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Getting Weird Together: How to Make an Open Marriage Work

Open marriages are quietly becoming more talked about and even accepted.

Aggressively strict rules passed through religion crippled the culture around sex turning it into a taboo subject or even going as far as to demonize it completely.

This wide-spread sexual repression has caused centuries of pain, heartache, and confusion for people all over the world.

Fortunately, times are changing, and people are beginning to realize how restricted we had become. People are finally coming out as gay in public, and others are realizing monogamy isn?t natural for them.

Read on if you feel like you want more in your life but are unsure how to proceed.

First, Understand Where the Line Is

There is a huge difference between an open marriage and an affair or cheating.

Going behind your partners back without telling them because you?re afraid of what the conversation might bring is both cowardly and wrong. It will only be a positive experience if both of you agree to it, otherwise, it will become an ugly and unhappy situation.

But before having the conversation, it is essential that you understand exactly what it is you want and are desiring.

Be Honest with Yourself

You could just be sexually frustrated and reigniting your sex life with your current partner is actually all you need. Or maybe you?re horny and are tempted to pursue someone you?ve been flirting with at work or elsewhere.

Whatever it is you need to come to terms with this aspect of your personality, the reality of the relationship, and why it currently isn?t working for you.

Thinking it through makes the whole conversation easier and more genuine.

Having the Conversation About Open Marriage

Once you have come to terms with how your current relationship makes you feel and what you want then you are ready to have the conversation.

If your partner is denying you sex then the next time that occurs is a good time to bring the subject up.

If you are having sex in your relationship but your partner isn?t comfortable with some of your fetishes or fantasies then that can be a good place to start. You love them and want a life with them, but there are certain needs that aren?t being met. You simply want to find a fuckbuddy that will allow you to sate those desires.

If your sex life with your partner is completely fulfilling but you want something more then be sure to let them know that is the case. Often, when people bring up the topic of an open marriage the partner will feel rejected so it?s essential to let them know why you feel that way and help them understand.

Give It a Lot of Thought

If an open marriage is something that has never been discussed with your partner and feels like a taboo subject then you have to be careful.

For it to work, they need to understand why it is you want this and why they alone are not enough for you. The more you have thought about it and understand yourself and the relationship the better the result will be.

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