Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Fuck Buddies Relationships, and Have Sex Happily Ever After.

When we think about finding a fuckbuddy, we tend to focus on the thrill of the chase. The giddy high that comes with finding the profile of someone who’s perfect for you. The rush of flirting and getting to know them. The excitement when the door swings open and you pounce upon one another, inhibitions (and clothes) discarded as you explore one another’s bodies.

Yet, while hookups of this kind are amazingly fun, having a fuckbuddy needn’t be a one-and-done affair. There are many fuck buddies who, over time, develop long term relationships. Indeed, fuck buddies can actually enjoy some of the stringest and most thrilling relationships of all, keeping things spicy in the bedroom long after the sex lives of “normal” couples has stagnated.

Here are a few reasons why it’s easier for fuck buddies in relationships to succeed and live a sex life that’s happy ever after…

Sex is a hugely important part of a relationship

Let’s face it. Sex is a huge part of what keeps a relationship alive. When you and your partner are on the same page, sexually, it makes things a hell of a lot more exciting in the long term. However, couples who get together by more conventional means tend not to find out whether they’re on the same page sexually until it’s too late. Imagine spending weeks or even months getting to know someone, only to find that they’re a total dud in the bedroom.

Of course, part of the fun is getting to know one another secually, but if you’re fundamentally not on the same page, your sex life could be dull, awkward and frustrating throughout your time together.

Sexually enlightened partners explore more together.

When you start a relationship as fuckbuddies, you know that there are likely to be no hangups around sex. You won’t need to feel nervous or apprehensive when you’re exploring your sexuality together. You’ll be able to embark on a red hot journey as you explore the possibilities of one another’s bodies. You can be as experimental as you like while knowing that you have trust. You can take risks and have a sense of humour about your sex life. Because you’ve enjoyed smoking hot sex from day one, you have a really strong foundation to build on as you strive to keep things spicy together.

While other couples find that their sex lives are starting to lose momentum, you and your fuckbuddy will keep things hotter than ever.

You can discuss kinks and fetishes without fear of judgement

Honesty and openness are essential in any relationship. But especially in a sexual relationship. You need to be able to feel free to discuss your kinks and fetishes without worrying that you’re going to freak your partner out or push them away.

The great thing about starting out as fuck buddies is that you have started out from a position of total honesty and transparency. You got to know one another’s kinks and fetishes prior to hooking up, so you’ll be that much more receptive should you suggest something new.

You can involve other people without drama or jealousy

It’s okay to admit it. Getting to know someone new sexually is an exciting and thrilling part of your sexual journey. Instead of denying that to your partner and yourself, you can embrace it together. You can try threesomes and group play with other girls, guys or couples without needing to worry about the drama and jealously that come with infidelity.

You may be surprised how much it brings you together when you enjoy someone new together or watch your partner play with someone else.

The simple fact is that monogamy is not for everyone, and bringing someone new into your relationship doesn’t mean that you’ve failed at anything. Far from it. It shows that you’re secure and confident in your relationship, potentially far more so than other couples who got together through more conventional means.

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As you can see, a fuckbuddy can be more than a quick thrill. Over time, your relationship might just blossom onto something really special. And it will be much stronger and more exciting for the fact that you started out from a position of total sexual honesty and transparency.

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