Fuckbuddy 66A fuckbuddy is usually a friend or an acquaintance with whom you can have casual sex. Also known as a friend with benefits, a fuckbuddy makes sure that sex doesn’t get complicated with fat feelings and with unnecessary emotions. Put simply, sex is a way to experience life’s simplest pleasure—and a fuck mate ensures that this pleasure remains truly simple and enjoyable in every possible way no matter what. So who’re these fuckbuddies? And why the heck do they prefer casual sex in the first place? In this post, we’ll field these and many similar questions. Now, without wasting any more time, peeps, let’s get started now.
Fuckbuddies make love without any strings attached to it
For one, fuckbuddies don’t confirm anything. So, in a way, having sex with a fuckbuddy is 100-percent unconfirmed sex come hell or high water. You can think of sex with a fuck buddy similar to a free-flowing stream—you don’t know where the stream is headed to; you just go with the flow.
For another, there won’t be any intense feeling involved with fuckbuddies. You know—fuck mates won’t ever be your soulmates. Instead, they’re there with you to have fun when you’re out and about and that is what that is. When there are no serious feelings involved, things get quite streamlined in one way or the other. Why? Because you don’t have to care about shit; there’s no commitment and emotions involved whatsoever.
You and your fuck mate can be good friends but never real-life partners. Since you and your fuckbuddy are humans in the end, you may develop some feelings for each other—which is actually fine and quite organic. (You know, since we’ve already mentioned, in a no-strings-attached relationship, you have to go with the flow—so the moment you try controlling this business, things can get escalated to a different dimension.)
Fuckbuddies mean all fun sans the feels
With fuckbuddies, you don’t have to think about all the ways thru which you have to strengthen the relationship—it’s a very casual thing where there’s sex and there’s a lot of fun. If you’re a fuck buddy, you’ll meet, like, and bang—no questions asked. Afterwards, if you really want, you may definitely stay in touch for any future banging sessions. In this section, we’ll give you a tip about not developing jealousy in such relationships.
Stay away, jealousy
All right, it may be very simple to become jealous if someone whom you’ve banged is seeing someone else. Actually, this thing is quite natural to happen—but being natural doesn’t always mean being correct. So, cut a long story short, don’t be jealous even if your bed mate is getting along with someone else. The moment you feel jealous, just reconsider what you’re into. This isn’t any full-time relationship; instead, it’s all about enjoying your time with your fuckbuddy without thinking of any serious stuff happening between you both.
Fuck buddies to real buddies
Sometimes, it may happen that fuck buddies become real-life buddies. Since we’ve already said, let the process unfold by itself; you don’t do anything forcefully or don’t strategise. There’ve been many instances when fuck mates become really close buddies who enjoy sleepovers and who hang without the bang! So if a no-strings-attached relationship is blossoming into a friendship, then let that happen. (Yeah, of course, just see that the fuckbuddy is really amazing, considerate, and cool—because befriending such amazing people does make sense.)
Respect matters a lot, homies
Here comes the last tip from us—respect matters a lot. Having a relationship with a fuckbuddy is everything about having sex and fun. It, however, is never ever about harbouring possessiveness for your fuck mate because if you’re possessive, you’ll end up being disrespectful. So you have to basically make sure that you’re not possessive about your bed mate; rather, respect your fuckbuddy. Well, frankly speaking, there isn’t any relationship without respect—so just thank your fuck buddy once in a while for taking out time for your carnal adventures.
So here’s where we’ll end this piece, people. Just let us know what you think about this whole fuckbuddy thing by commenting below.