So, there is somebody you have found on an online dating website with whom you want to hook-up. And, that’s it! You do not want any relationship or feelings involved. All you want is to just have sex, just once or maybe repeatedly, but that’s all you want.

The question here is that how do you make it clear to the other person so that there are no conflicts arising late and nobody is hurt? Now, it could be quite clear with men because it is always assumed that they just want to have sex. However, women are generally considered to be somebody who gets attached and want more after hooking up.

Your best bet is to clarify it before you move to do anything with them. Tell them that it is a one-night fling or if it going to be a repeated thing, then it will be only about sex. If they agree with it, then it’s game.

It is necessary that you mark yourself safe from having to ghost the other person later, which could be quite draining for you both. We have some moves for you that would ensure that you make it clear to your fuck buddy that you are here for just a hook-up.

1.Don’t Get ‘Too’ Involved

Perhaps you want to know the person enough you are going to hook-up with so that you feel comfortable and safe with them. But, keep things as cordial and casual as possible. When most of your talks are flirty and dirty, it sets the vibe right for the hook-ups. Once you start getting in details about childhood stories and work affairs that could set the expectations high.

2.Do ‘Not’ Sleep Over

Things start getting serious when you begin to share post-sex snacks or talks with your fuck buddy. Make it a rule that you do not stay (or let them stay) for more time than what is required to do the deed you both met for. Make sure that you cut out on all the extra opportunities that you get to be attached to that person.

3.Be ‘Absolutely’ Real

If you have feelings for the other person, but you know that all they are looking for is some casual sex, then do not get into it just for the sake of pleasing them. Be absolutely clear of your feelings and know what exactly you want. You do not want to create an emotional mess for yourself and the other person later.

4.‘Skip’ the Efforts & Lingerie

It’s natural to feel the urge to look sexy in bed, but do not look like you have made any extra efforts to please your fuck buddy. You can wear matching upper and bottom to feel good and comfortable but it is best to preserve all your sexy lingerie for somebody with whom you want to create an impression for the long term.

5.Pick the Right Platform to Meet Like Minded People

One of the easiest ways to make sure that your intentions of just wanting sex are clear to your partner is by picking up your hook-up dates from a platform that has people with the same intention. FuckBuddy is an adult online dating website to find partners for casual sex in the UK. The discreet and completely free platform ensures that you get sex hook-ups meeting your desires.