In today’s digital world, it is easier to find a fuck buddy, who could probably be a stranger or a friend you have a chemistry with; but what is difficult is to keep that sex partner for long. Those who got a casual sex partner after a lot of turmoil, may find it amusing that keeping them for long is another task. Well, worry not, we have tips to help you keep your sex buddy as a part of your life without worrying about developing feelings. So, if you want to have your fuck buddy, a girl or guy you can call when you get a little antsy, follow:

Work towards keeping the sexual attraction stronger

The mantra for the success of a no-strings-attached relationships lies in the fact that ‘how attracted both of you feel towards each other’, which means being horny and feeling sensual towards your buddy will help keep the charm alive for long.  And to do all this, you can always do dirty talks via text messages, on the phone or say nasty things to turn your partner on. Try these easy-peasy tips and your partner will always be crazy about you, will never think of leaving you.

Get better at sex

Since the only relation that you and your partner share is sex, you have to get better at it with each  passing day and never let the other one feel bored of you. In case of fuck buddies, what means the world is the three letter word… sex! And so, you have to bring your best in bed. Try different positions, talk about fulfilling each other’s sexual fantasies and last but not the least… don’t underestimate the power of foreplay. Yes! The better the foreplay, the easily women get their orgasm and hence feel the utmost pleasure in bed.

Don’t involve emotions

Let not any emotion come in between your no-strings-attached relationship. Keep your things clear from the very beginning and so, say no to going out to dinner or to movies or any such place with her/him. Don’t reveal much about yourself or don’t try to know more about your partner; in short, don’t try to build an emotional bond. Think about a situation where one of you develop feelings, the other one doesn’t reciprocate the same; this will lead to any one of you getting hurt. Emotions could drift you people apart and may mark an end to everything, so stay away from developing feelings.

We hope that by following these tips, you will always maintain a healthy and sexy relation with your fuck buddy for a long time.