So how do you find a sex buddy, someone who justs wants discreet casual sex.

You may think this is a tricky thing to do, as people may not want to just have casual sex but are just after a dating experience to find love.

Make use of technology and adult dating sites

Actually, with today’s technology, this is now very easy to find a sex buddy.

People who want sex, will mostly advertise on adult dating sites like

This is because people on these sites are only interested in finding someone to have sex with, or to live out sexual fetishes.

When you signup to an adult dating site, you can find people based on numerous sexual options you may have, such as

– Hair
– Body shape
– Certain cravings for size of body parts
– Sexual orientation
– Single, married etc
– Any fetishes that match your fetish or any fetishes you are wanting to try.
– location
– single sex buddy or gangbang situations

So finding sex encounters is very easy and fulfilling.

So i can only find one Sex Buddy?

The thing also is you are not bound to just one sex buddy, who can have as many sex partners as you would like.

This is because entering into a casual sex relationship means it’s just no strings attached sex, and not a relationship.

The good thing is you can signup for free to hook up sites like, and can start searching for a buddy within minutes.

Is it easy to search for a sex buddy?

Searching for a sex buddy or sex encounters can be done for the comfort of your own home, even from your mobile phone.

Most searches and hookups on adult dating sites are done from a mobile phone and can be in real time, as 1,000s of potential sex buddies are online on the site 24/7

Right – i think im ready to find someone for casual sex now

If you are reading this, you are thinking of having a sex buddy, so why dont you give it a go.

You can signup for free at, which is discreet, then search for your perfect sex partner by looking at members Profiles and photos.

Using the site you can either meet up with sex buddies OR if you are not ready for a meet and fuck, then you can simply just have a ‘chat and wank’ scenario by using built in messaging service.

‘meet and fuck’ or ‘chat and wank’ is totally your choice to make, no worries.

So you have nothing to lose but a LOT to gain, and to fulfil.

Happy Sex Buddy Finding.