So you made the decision to be a fuck buddy or find a find buddy, but need a guide on how get the most out of your fuckbuddy experience

#1 – A Fuck Buddy is just someone who wants only casual sex

If you enter a fuckbuddy relationship it is on the understanding that you are having a casual sex relationship with no strings attached

Basically a fuck buddy is someone only wanting to have casual sex with other people.

The official term for can be seen here FUCK BUDDY

#2 – You must respect your Fuck Buddies Rules

As with any relationship, there are respectful rules in place.

In a fuck buddy relationship, rules do apply but in a different way as it is just a casual sex relationship.

Things like,

What is acceptable during sex, and things that are not acceptable.

In some cases safe words apply during sex, if it’s a bdsm fuck buddy encounter etc

Even contact with your fuck buddy needs to be respected as sometimes you can be seeing a married fuckbuddy

# 3 – Try to use Protection

Try to encourage the use of condoms during your Casual Sex encounter.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and either of you do not want to have regrets

#4 – Dont make yourself a nuisance or a stalker

Because you are having a casual sex relationship, you need to get used to the idea that your partner will not want all the baggage that comes with a normal relationship

Do not become an unsettling pain by Bugging your fuckbuddy and trying to contact them at every opportunity.

Casual means casual unless you and your fuck buddies have an alternative arrangement regarding contact.

#5 – Try something new and Experiment

Being in a casual sex relationship with a Shag Buddy can sometimes you can try new things in the bedroom that you have always fantasised about but could not do it.

Perhaps If you have a certain fetish or want to try something then maybe mention this when choosing a fuck buddy.

Just remember to respect your fuck buddy and to keep the fun a main priority, as fuck buddies usually become a sex buddy because they are bored with the sex life they currently have or want to meet like minded sex partners

#6 – Remember it’s all about having Sex with someone

Dont get serious and have lots of fun ! It’s the perfect relationship to be like this.

No baggage and no expectations

Just sexy fun whenever you both want it

#7 – Having a Fuck Buddy or Fuck Buddies

When you become a fuck buddy then you can choose to have sex with just a single buddy on many occasions or just the odd time.

But you can have sex with lots of fuck buddies if you wish and as many times as you want (remember protection though)

That’s the beauty of being a fuck buddy and having a no strings attached sexual relationship.

# 8 – Finding a Fuck Buddy

Well that’s easy

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