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Sex is a very important part of our lives, but it is not always fun. There are some awkward moments and conversations too, especially when it comes to tricky and delicate topics. Certainly, we get a manual created about how to say certain things and which words are to be used in communicating certain category of topics once we have dealt with them.

However, if you have any fetishes to try kinky stuff then it could be scary to share it with your partner.

While bondage and other kinks are quite common when you are having an NSA hookup, there are still lots of things that are considered stigmatized and your intentions could easily be misunderstood.

If you have met somebody through a hookup dating site for adults and want to be transparent about it with your partner, here are some tips that would help you make the conversation without making things uncomfortable.

1.Begin Sincerely

It is quite easy to resort to jokes to begin the topic and ease up the tension. Instead, begin with saying how much you trust them and feel comfortable in opening up your sexual preferences with them. This will make them feel more involved in the conversation and not be dismissive of it.

2.Tell Them You Are Afraid of Being Judged

If you have any fear or anxiety about sharing it with your partner, tell them. Do not pretend to be a confident macho man if you do feel so, and share it with them if somebody in your past has shamed you for sharing your sexual desires. Hopefully, this will ensure that they are more considerate and understanding.

3.Explain the Context of Your Fetishes and Kinks

So you have some unusual fantasies that turn you on – there is nothing to be ashamed of them or feel uncomfortable about them. Share the details about them with your partner like how you got exposed to that particular kink, as in, the origin of it.

4.Ease into the Topic Gradually

Instead of just dropping in with your request or demand about something that you want your partner to do to you or some activity that you want to try with them, start the conversation by saying “I know this might be new for you, but I just wanted to propose something to make our sex lives more interesting.”

5.Ask Your Partner about Their Fetishes

It’s only fair if you ask your partner about their sexual desires while sharing your own with them and let them know that you are open to trying them out if they wish. Even if they won’t have any such fetishes, it would make you come across as a thoughtful partner.

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