Do you listen to your friends’ or colleagues’ sex life and wonder if you are having it enough times? Remember! People generally fib the numbers when it comes to talking about sex. The number of fuckbuddies goes up, the time of sexual course gets exaggerated and the sizes are often inflated. (5 hours without any break, really?)

There is no dependable way to know how much sex people are having in a day or week or month, particularly because there are no rules and it varies from couple to couple.

Why is the average just once or twice a week among couples?

It might surprise you but contrary to popular belief, it is quite common among couples to not have sex every day. In fact, a sex frequency survey conducted by YouGov in 2017 revealed that majority of the adults admitted that they have sex just a few twice or thrice a week (14%), few times in a month (14%), and once in a week (7%), while only 4% said that they have sex every day.

The reasons could vary completely on a person’s genes, age, profession, life circumstances, and reasons for indulging in sexual intercourse.

When do people have most sex and when do they have the least?

Amazingly enough, people who have steady partners have less sex as compared to those who believe in dating different fuckbuddies. Also, the couples who are at the beginning of their sexual relationship fuck each other more frequently than those who have been in a relationship from quite some time.

Aged and new parents also seem to have less or no sex. The reason could be lack of opportunities, health and a gradual reduction in sexual interest with the same partner.

Does more sex mean a better or happy relationship?

It is a common belief that more sex is associated with a stronger relationship and elevated moods. However, sex can affect your wellbeing positively only up to a certain point. In fact, couples who tend to have more sex just to compete with other couples tend to have lower moods and energy more often.

Having sex plays a role in your happiness only if you and your partner are satisfied with the frequency.

Is it normal to have sex every day?

The amount of sex you have in your routine is completely subjective and any frequency, whether once a day or none at all, is completely OK. It is common for humans to go through the stages where you have less sex, more sex or absolutely no sex at all. In fact, some people resort entirely to masturbation, and that is fine too.

Often times, the quality of sex is life is more important and can affect your wellbeing more than the quantity of it.

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