Fuckbuddy 5
Fuck buddy relationship or no strings attached relationship has gain lot of popularity in the recent years. The buddies are there with whom you can realize all your fantasies that you were often shy of trying in the bedroom with boyfriend or husband. The relationship allows you to have a healthy sex without the emotions of a traditional boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife relationship. That’s why it’s catching up speed and more and more people these days are openly accepting fuck buddies in their life.

Here, we have discussed how you can keep the relationship alive and what all precautions you need to take to keep the it healthy.
Fuck buddy relationship usually lasts from two to six months only. If you continue it longer, your girl may want something more from you and convert you into a full time boyfriend. If you notice such signs, better move out of the relationship and look for another buddy.
Fulfilling the need of sex

Fuck buddies are there to fulfill your fantasies. Ask your girl what she always wanted but never had. And then give it to her. Remember that the relationship is centered around sex, and as an f buddy, you should provide plenty of it to her. Fuck her good and she will be coming back to you again and again. Many girls do not want serious boyfriend and miss sex from the relationship. That’s where f buddies really come handy. They fulfill your sexual desire minus the complications of a serious boyfriend relationship.
Be busy and do not see your girl more than twice a week. Girls usually do not like the buddies who are too easily available. If she wants to spend more time with you and meet and fuck you quite often, these are the warning signs of relationship going beyond the f buddy one, and you will fall into monogamous relationship. Have life and date other girls if possible.
Avoid positions that strengthen bonding

The ideal relationship should have not have too much of emotions involved. Because if you start feeling attracting to your partner beyond the need of sex, you are likely to fall into the love relationship, which is certainly not healthy. The ideal relationship shouldn’t have any place for emotions, it should be just fuck and forget kind of a thing.
The positions that you take during sex are also very important. Some positions create strong emotional bonding, and should be avoided. For example, missionary position with lot of eye to eye contact and skin to skin contact should be avoided. When you meet and fuck a girl, use the positions that have minimum skin to skin and eye to eye contact. Reverse cowgirl and doggy style are best for this purpose.
Too much of eye contact could be dangerous for fuck buddies as the girl may get emotionally invested in the relationship which is essentially of causal nature, and meant to gratify her sexual desires only. So, better avoid the positions involving too much of eye contact, or you can switch off the lights in the room, or blind fold her. Be creative. Cuddling after the sex should also be avoided. This will again create deep bond with your girl.
Be ready to replace your partner

Fuck buddy relationships are not permanent and usually do not go beyond six months. Girls are programmed to have a guy with whom they can spend the rest of their life. If she starts seeing you as our boyfriend and get emotionally attracted to you, see would like you to convert into her boyfriend or husband and asking for more from you that is beyond the ambit of the relationship. So, be ready to lose her and replace her with a new one if you see such signs of emotional relationship.
The relationship should be clean and do not give signals of involving into a relationship. Do not take her on dates, do not attend her parties and do not send her gifts on birthday and other occasions. The relationship is just for sex only. You meet her at coffer or in the bedroom and fuck her. Then she moves on and you move your way. It’s that simple. Keep the relationship strictly focused on sex and sex only.