Sex is not good until you have a great foreplay, and the latter is more enjoyable if your man is turned on. But how to turn on a man? Well, everybody is different, but as they say, men will be men so there are some universal facts that stand true for all men. And here, we have some tips that can help you turn on your guy easily:

1.Seeing you in his clothes

Believe it or not, he gets an adrenaline rush on seeing you in his oversized shirt. He feels the thrill and wants to try out things with you right there.

2.Seeing you in lingerie

Other than seeing you in his clothes, your fuck buddy enjoys your body in sexy tiny outfits that can make him go crazy.

3.Sitting on his lap

Proximity with him, surely raises his heartbeat and makes him want you all the more, but there’s no comparison of you sitting on his lap. Sit on his lap, and all he would then think is sex.

4.Whispering in his ear

Many women would find it amusing, but whispering in ears work for some men. Of course, not just whispering anything but something sexy; something he finds seductive.

5.Catching a glimpse of your cleavage

How can this point not make it to our list. Just a glimpse of your cleavage, and your men will go mad imagining you with him in bed doing naughty things.

6.Eye contact

Sometimes, a thing as simple as an eye contact can turn him on. And at other times, you might have to give him bedroom eyes that show you’re in the mood.

7.A touch

A mere touch on his thighs or leaning in to bring your lips closer to his, can make him want you all the more.

8.Make the first move

Make the first move and the guy will be all yours for the night. Guys love when girls take the charge in bed, some even like being dominated.

9.Men find confidence in women sexy

Some men can simply not resist confident women. So girls gear up and show your confidence to turn the guy on.

10.Heels can drive them crazy

Yes! It sounds weird, but men love high heels. Why, you ask? Well, because they make the booty and breasts stand out more and obviously that looks sensual.

So, if you are looking forward to turning on your fuck buddy, try these tips and we are sure these will work in making your partner feel seductive.